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Introducing Courtney G Bodywork

Hi friends, I have some exciting news to share! After 18 years the time has come for a fresh new look… new name, new logo, new menu and new spa treatment room! Although I am still on the go, I am working to build my home practice in Woodland Hills and thrilled to announce that I am now offering online bookings!!

I would love to pamper you with my signature East/West Table Massage, complete with hot towels, stones, hand picked music and my fancy new hot stone roller! Or try a Traditional Thai Massage, the best remedy for fatigue after a long travel day. If you are short on time, but in need of relief from neck, shoulder or back pain, come in for The Quick Fix. Check out my MENU for a full list of services.

Mobile services are available for house calls, spa parties or on location for film/TV sets and offices. For any inquiries go to my Contact/Booking page for more info or to schedule a session in my studio text or call 310-663-7112!

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Daily Meditation for Stress Relief

“A calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

Although I was raised in the Jewish culture I have always been drawn to eastern philosophy, and the practice of meditation. Scientific studies have shown meditation to have so many benefits for your mental and emotional health. Especially these days with the nonstop bombardment of news, texts and tweets.. it’s so important take a minute to clear your head and get some peace of mind.

Here is a simple meditation exercise that I love and really helps with anxiety and stress. Find a quiet place, set a timer for 2 mins (or longer). Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Relax your body and take a few deep breaths. Think of a person or a place that you love, and smile.. Repeat daily!

For more simple meditation exercises check out Pocket Mindfulness


Created and curated by the visionary Mijanou Montealegre, MYSTIC MAMMA will delight, inspire and uplift you! A daily fount of wisdom, vision and beauty weaving a web of consciousness and connectivity.  Reflecting the creative and intuitive aspects of reality and the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Updated daily, it’s an ever flowing resource of inspiration, and a craft fully woven web of spiritual memory gems.

For women, mammas and soul searchers this site will blow you away and is such a gift to us all!  Click HERE and Enjoy.

Hello world!

I started this blog as a creative outlet and to share the people, places and things that inspire me. My entire life I have traveled around the world, studied music, art, photography and dance. I am a student of of Indian Classical music, a performer of African Dance and a 12 year practitioner of the healing arts. In addition, I have a global community of the most interesting, diverse and talented people.

With this blog, my vision is to inspire and promote awareness in global causes, holistic health and wellness, hip and exotic escapes, great music, inspirational  wisdom, and eclectic brands in fashions, jewelry and beauty.  I invite you join me on this journey and receive!