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East/West Table Massage ~ My signature full body massage blends eastern and western modalites with hot/cold therapy for the ultimate therapeutic massage experience. 110/70 mins  165/100 mins

Sports MassageSlow and focused deep tissue, structural integration bodywork to heal and relive pain or discomfort from injuries. 110/60 mins   165/90 mins

Traditional Thai MassageA dynamic combination of acupressure, rhythmic massage and applied yoga stretches. Sessions take place on a mat in comfortable attire. The perfect remedy for fatigue after work or a long travel day.  90/60 mins   135/90 mins

Pre/ Post Natal MassageDesigned not only for moms-to-be, but also during post-natal care. A body-cushion pregnancy pillow provides absolute comfort. Hot towels, stones and specialized massage techniques relieve muscle tension, fatigue and discomfort. 100/60 mins. 150/90 mins

Hot Stone MassageExperience the utmost in relaxation with this ancient Chinese technique that uses heated basalt stones as an extension of the hands. Amazing for those who prefer a more nurturing, lighter touch. 100/60 mins   150/90 mins

CBD Oil Massage CBD full spectrum oil and a restorative CBD balm are applied, reducing soreness and relieving inflammation allowing the product to deeply enhance the traditional massage benefits. 120/60 mins

Mini Sessions or Add On’s ~ 25 mins ~ $50

The Quick Fix~ For those who are short on time, but in need of relief from back, neck and or shoulder pain.

Scalp and Face Massage~ Relive headaches, TMJ and sinus pressure with this epic head, neck and face massage. Your entire body will thank you!

The Royal Foot Massage~ Relax and feel like royalty with this heavenly combination of acupressure, gentle stretching and reflexology combined to help the body’s natural detoxification process. (Ideal for spa parties and events)

Arm/Hand Relief Massage~ Get relief from carpal tunnel or tendonitis with this superb arm and hand massage. A must for computer users, musicians or anyone with repetitive use issues.


*10% off for all first time clients   ~ 10% off any package of 5 sessions

*Gift Certificates available for purchase.

*An additional $30 travel fee is added for local house calls. 

*Chair Massage and other services available on site for events and spa parties.








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